Thursday, 13 December 2012

Simple Wireless Connection From PC to TV

Due to the development in technology, it is possible to make simple wireless connection from PC to TV without even hiring an expert. It is great to transfer any content be it videos and computer games from the PC to the TV. In some instances it becomes possible to even browse the internet by connecting the computer to a big high definition TV screen.

With a high definition television set in your house, you do not need to have wires and cables to make connections so that files stored in the hard drive can be seen. There are different types of wireless adapters that can transfer beams from your computer directly to television sets without cabling. There are some computers that have been inbuilt with a function known as WI-DI. This is called wireless display, which can generate images directly to the TV through a receiver. For those who cannot afford laptops with wireless displays, then can buy standalone technology that allow wireless connection from PC to TV. This technology can be found in different company models.

The connections on wireless display

Here is a simple process of connecting the PC to your TV using wireless technology.

First ensure you are connecting the receiver to a power source outlet with HMDI cable on the television set. The TV is then set so that it can receive beams from HMDI devices. To get this correct ensure you are in position to see the wireless display brand on the television set.

Then put on your computer which has the wireless display technology. Any machine that can work on WiDi platform will always come with a sticker to show. For some machines, then the owner will be required to press on a given button so that connection to the receiver is made. This button is available and unique on the computer. Others will come with dedicated buttons.

Start the windows button and choose wireless displays then enter. This is used to launch the application software for those with a non-dedicated button. Choose the receiver and click open to connect. This enables connection to the computer and displaying on the TV automatically.

For a stand alone adapter, ensure the receiver is connected to the television set with the HMDI connections cable. Plug in the power unit into the adapter. Then power on the adapter so that connection is completed. This connection ensures that the television set is now ready to receive the beams from the computer.

To complete the wireless connection from PC to TV, ensure the television transmitter is connected to computer. There are different settings on the receiver. Either this can be USB connection ports or some will ask for another HMDI device for connection. One should always get to know which one would be compatible.

In conclusion, set your PC so that it can connect to the display externally. Open with the window startup button, then connect to the display externally then enter. On drop down menu, chose the best option compatible with wireless adapter from HMDI device. This makes one to start receiving signals on the television.


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