Friday, 28 December 2012

Rotate the Screen in Windows-How to Rotate the Screen on Window 7

You may have unintentionally, hit a sequence of keys and then you discover your PC screen is upside down. Do not pull off your hair from your head; there is a solution, which is as simple as ABC. I bet you after knowing this; you can even be using it to challenge your mates and confusing your co-workers. 

What is Screen orientation?

It will do you good if you understand the kind of car you want to drive before getting in to kick it. It goes with what I am about to explore to you right here. Therefore, screen orientation is simply the act of rotating the PC screen either upside down or in a portrait direction. After the occurrence of this process to your PC, you will discover that operating it will not be as easy as before. You will automatically look like a learner to your PC. For those who already know what screen orientation is, you can skip down to the tutorial. Nevertheless, for those who do not know what screen orientation is, I believe this portion has helped you out.

The Tutorial:
Step 1- on your desktop, click on the “start menu” that is the area with a red circle on the picture below.

 Step 2- type screen in the search box, it will automatically pup up some options as seen in the image below:
 Click on the screen orientation that the arrow is pointing at.

Then, a window will come up along with the necessary details. Leave those details the way they are by default including the “Orientation” which must be in “landscape.”
We are now at where we are going. Now it is time to rotate your PC screen. Simply change the landscape to any of the portrait, which are landscape Flipped or Portrait Flipped, then apply and click Ok.

Reminder: be cautious when doing this and never do it to others when you will not be there to change the screen orientation back to how it was before. 

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